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Check out this very unique and one of a kind vinyl wrap printed on this Dodge Challenger in Miami

Another win for our team of Skilled Installers at First Class Autosports Miami with this Full Color Change on a Mercedes Benz CLS 400 using Satin Black Vinyl Film. To create a Custom Car Wrap look they also installed Gloss Black Accents such as the Roof Wrap  and the Mirror Cover Wraps, and lastly all four Wheels were professionally Powder Coated in Gloss Black

The Mercedes Benz CLS 400 is originally Grey, yet the client wanted to have a Full Color Change to Satin Black. Matte Vinyl Car Wrapsand Satin Vinyl Car Wraps are very popular Custom C...

 Similar to the Mirror Chrome Wrap Mercedes Benz G-Class also known as the G-Wagon that our team did a while back is this Mirror Chrome Wrap Mercedes Benz E-Class done recently by our team of skilled installers at First Class Autosports Miami. 

Not only did our team of certified installers at First Class Autosports Miami install Avery Silver Chrome Vinyl Film on this Mercedes Benz E-Class to give it a completely unique mirror like look but also installed Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro to provide as much protection as possible.


Racing stripes have a long history and are extremely popular today. Using racing stripes whether bumper to bumper stripes or hood stripes it is a way to customize your vehicle and set it apart from the multitude of vehicles in Miami

When considering racing stripes we highly recommend going to professional vinyl installers much like our team at First Class Autosports Miami. Stay away from cheap online pre-cut kits that do not guarantee exact fitting, long lasting adhesion and quality vinyl film material. As the saying goes "you get what you pa...

 At First Class Autosports our team of certified Miami 3M vinyl film installers are always finding new inspirations and supercars such as the McLaren P1 GTR

With this project our team at First Class Autosports Miami transformed this McLaren 570S with 3M vinyl film and installed an intricate design to achieve the iconic look of the McLaren P1 GTR. With precision, skill, and dedication the certified car wrap installers at First Class Autosports Miami achieved an elegant design using 3M vinyl film and following the one of kind silhouette of the ...

With the introduction of Ceramic Pro's New Paint Protection Film And Vinyl Enhancer, our team at First Class Auto Sports Miami completed a top quality Full Front Paint Protection install enhanced with Ceramic Pro on this 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe. With this vehicle's unique front structure and aluminum body our goal at First Class Autosports Miami was to provide as much protection and endurance to the Full Front of the vehicle as possible. 

The paint protection film provides transparent protection keeping the factory paint as is. Pa...

Protecting the embodiment of Lamborghini's power with the refined display of Italian craftsmanship was our priority with this 2015 Lamborghini Huracan Coupe. An authentic vehicle with state-of-the-art mechanical technology paired with top quality Xpel Stealth paint protection film conserving the popular factory matte black paint.

This master piece of a design was protected by our skilled and experienced installers at First Class Autosports in Miami. Paint protection film protects the vehicle's original factory paint from road hazards all while...

The 2017 Genesis G80 is a vehicle that by factory offers a limited selection of exterior paint color choices such as dark grey, dark blue, and brown which form a very basic palette. With any stock vehicle such a this 2017 Genesis G80 where customization options are limited prior to purchase,

vinyl car wraps are certainly a solution to any vehicle owner that wants to customize their vehicle with any color of their choosing. 

This particular 2017 Genesis G80 in dark grey encasing V6 power and a graceful design received a complete makeover fro...

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