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Essential Paint Protection Amor Technology for Your Tesla by First Class Autosports Miami

Tesla Miami paint protection Suntek Xpel

So you got yourself a brand new Tesla in Miami, a truly beautifully designed car, whether it be the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, or the unique Tesla Model 3 if you are one of the 325,000 + lucky Florida future Tesla owners.

Now, before you start having fun in your hot new ride, First Class Autosports would like to introduce to you the best protective solution we have available in today's automobile aftermarket that will protect your Tesla paint from rock chips, scratches and road debris. Paint protection film (PPF) also known as clear bra is a thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to painted surfaces of the vehicle.

With Paint Protection film, you can rest assure that stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions will not negatively affect your vehicles paint finish and value.

The Paint protection films is applicable to different areas of your Tesla, choose from a partial front PPF kit or a full front PPF Kit. It is also possible for owners to request a full car paint protection to protect every inch of paint on the Tesla.

Your Paint Protection Film kit comes with a 5 to 10 year warranty when installed by our certified technicians at First Class Autosports in Miami, Florida.

Tesla Model  S Miami paint protection Suntek Xpel

Below is a quick example of the kits available for the new 2017 Model S Tesla. If you drive the first generation Model S, we have you covered too!

Paint protection tesla model s Miami

The Tesla Model S paint protection kit is available for the Tesla Model S 60, the Tesla Model S 90D, and the Tesla Model S P90D.

Each paint protection film kit is different to ensure a successful and high quality installation. You may choose which parts of your car you want protected, the front bumper is highly recommended, as that is an area that is most prone to road debris damage. However, protecting the full front is the best way to go for full protection (includes full hood, full fenders, full bumper, headlights and mirrors).


FULL KIT starts at $1,400 including material and Labor

PARTIAL Tesla paint protection kit is also available, protecting partial hood and fender + full bumper + Mirrors - starts at $700

Available for 2014 Tesla Model S

2014 Model S Tesla Miami paint protection Suntek Xpel
Tesla Model X Miami paint protection Suntek Xpel

The 2016 Tesla Model X paint protection Kit in Miami by First Class Autosports

Model X Tesla Miami paint protection Suntek Xpel

With the Tesla Model X 2016, First Class Autosports Miami has the new option of covering and protecting the 4 painted backs of the interior seats

Paint protection Partial kit, full front kits and full car coverage are available for the Tesla Model X 75D, 90D and P90D

The Paint Protection Film, also known as clear bra is the ultimate way to provide your Tesla with the armor it deserves. The protective film will give your car a natural shine, but most importantly, you'll be worry free. The clear bra has a self healing technology, that will make scratches nonexistent . Our readily available films from both XPEL and SunTek are laser cut to match your exact Tesla model to ensure the utmost results for your car. Paint protection film is a great way to protect your investment. Altogether, letting you have a more enjoyable and worry free driving experience.

Visit our website paint protection film page to learn more about our work, products and warranties:

First Class Autosports

5840 Commerce Lane (Across Sunset Place)

South Miami, FL 33143

United States

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