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M4Miami Takes On The West Coast In A One Of Kind Custom Designed Car Wrap By First Class Autosports Miami




One of our first class clients Christian who proudly owns a 2015 BMW M4 in the color Austin Yellow Metallic made a trip from the East Coast to the West Coast featuring a one Of kind Custom Designed Car Wrap by First Class Autosports Miami.



The trip was three weeks long traveling from the east coast to the west coast averaging a total of 7,585 miles across seven different states. The purpose of the trip was to make it to Bimmerfest the largest BMW meet in the industry and be as outstanding as possible hence why the Custom Wrapped BMW M4Miami was wrapped prior to the trip.


According to Christian, the best part of the trip was the reaction he received from the public when laying their eyes on his one of kind BMW M4. At the time of his initial purchase, there were only three BMW M4s in the color Austin Yellow Metallic. Christian explained to our team at First Class Autosports “M4miami has two meanings one is M for (4) Miami and M4 (the vehicle) Miami”.  









Planning started to take place in January, approximately 6 months of planning from start to finish. Photoshop renderings were created initially to display and coordinate the custom car wrap design, colors, and branding placement.

The wrap was designed in reference to the custom Ferrada Wheels that were installed on the BMW M4.



The glass shatter breakthrough aspect of the design was collaborated between our in house designer at First Class Autosports and Christian wanting to do something unique and different.



The custom vinyl wrap was a necessity for this cross-country trip due to the need of paint protection and also Christian’s desire to stand out amongst a multitude of BMWs at Bimmmerfest­. The vinyl car wrap held up even at speeds of 167 mph through Mexico, thanks to APA’s America Wrap Film Series featuring their Frosted Chrome Vinyl and First Class Autosports Miami’s Team of skilled installers.


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- Vinyl Wrap Miami - Car Wrap Miami - 


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