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Audi S7 matte blue car wrap in Miami

Audi car wrap Miami

The beautiful and powerful Audi S7 you see now in our Miami car wrap boutique has an original paint color of “Phantom Black Pearl”. Our client wanted a new look for his car and decided to change his color paint by using a matte car wrap on his vehicle. He selected the Brilliant Blue Metallic matte car wrap from Avery Dennison and wanted the trim to be finished with a Titanium Brush Metallic Matte car wrap vinyl from Avery Dennison. Our Miami matte car wrap specialists were very excited by this matte car wrap project.

What are the advantages of a matte car wrap for any Miami customers?

The benefits that you can get from applying a car wrap on your car with the matte finish in Miami are the reasons that so many are interested in applying matte car wraps onto their vehicles. Matte car wraps come in a huge variety of car wrap colors, all over the color spectrum, from shades of matte orange car wrap to shades of blue matte car wrap and every matte car wrap colors in between. Miami is the best city to take advantage of all the matte car wrap colors available in our shop. Many choose to hire a professional Miami car wrap company like ours to install matte car wraps on their cars because when it comes time to remove the matte car wrap, the original paint finish will remain undamaged because the matte car wrap protects the car on a daily basis from the elements that cause paint to get damaged overtime. The matte car wrap product is long lasting and is estimated to last from 5-7 years after leaving our Miami Luxury car wrap boutique.

The entire matte car wrap process was done using innovative Knifeless Tape, making the finished product have a more professional finish without using a blade to cut on the car. You can notice how our team strives for perfection when starting the wrapping process. For most installations, our Miami car wrap professionals remove door handles, headlights, taillights, roof antenna and side view mirrors to ensure that the matte car wrap process is done the right way and to ensure to our client that they are receiving the best quality matte car wrap installation and care for their vehicle.

We go through our matte car wrap process piece by piece to assure that when we apply the matte car wrap on the vehicle, it will bring the customer security that they have a reliable matte car wrap on their car for the next 5-7 years. We started by putting the Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic car wrap onto the body of the car by sections. We always strive to analyze each section before moving on to the next, to make sure we are as close to perfect as possible. We then moved on to the accents of the car and applied the Titanium Brush Metallic car wrap to the spoiler, front grille, mirror base, and door handles. We then painted all the emblems of the vehicle black as requested by the customer. We aim for attention to detail with every matte car wrap installation we come across, the matte car wrap finish is one that is filled with multiple styling options that can be made by the owner.

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Audi car wrap Miami

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