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Mercedes Benz SLS amg Blue chrome car wrap in Miami

The car seen below, in our Miami car wrap shop, has a tale of beauty and the beast that goes with it. The beauty is the refined lines and sensual curves the vehicle has going throughout the body. The beast is the 6.2L V-8 engine that packs a punch with 563-hp. This German built Miami resident has a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds. Here is a rare car in need of an exclusive Miami vehicle wrap to make it one of a kind.


Why do people choose chrome automotive wraps in Miami?

The exclusivity bestowed upon your car when given a car wrap in Miami is why you see so few of these vehicles roaming around the streets of South Beach or Coral gables. Wrapping a car is an art, and to wrap a car in chrome you must be a Picasso in this industry. Chrome wrapping is known as the most difficult and challenging in the car wrap industry. When deciding to wrap your vehicle in Miami, you must keep in mind that it takes much more effort and time from the people who took on the challenge and it is much more difficult in comparison to any other wrap. The slightest imperfection on the car, can lead to the entire project being ruined, which is why it takes trained professional car wrap installers in Miami to be capable of such a difficult task.

What are the benefits that come from a chrome car wrap and how much should I pay for a chrome vehicle wrap in Miami?

Many know that a chrome wrap is eye catching and bring upon a certain status to the owner of the car. The chrome wrap can protect your car’s original paint from the elements, which in Miami can be things like the rain, UV rays from the sun, sand, and other common elements that can harm the car’s paint. Chrome wrapping your car, in Miami especially, gives you the chance to have your car cooler because the UV rays from the Sun bounce off of the chrome car wrap material, making the car less prone to the heat. There are also multiple colors that the chrome car wrap comes in such as: chrome silver car wrap, blue chrome car wrap, black chrome vehicle wrap, gold chrome car wraps, and new for this year are green and purple chrome car wrap colors! A benefit that has led many celebrities to chrome wrapping their cars is the fact that the chrome surface on the car makes it “Paparazzi proof” because of the reflection from the car glaring onto the cameras of the paparazzo. Celebrities like Justin Beiber and Scott Disick have wrapped their cars, a Fisker Karma and Audi R8 respectively, in chrome as well, adding on to the chrome car wrap trend. Keeping in mind the challenge all car wrap companies face when encountered with a chrome wrap, there isn’t one set price for all cars. The price varies on multiple factors such as time and effort, supplies and many other reasons. The price range for a chrome wrap in Miami is from $6,000 to $10,000.

When taking on the challenge of wrapping the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster in Miami seen below, we understood it would be a challenge but we knew we would be ready having already done chrome wraps on the Mercedes Benz SLK in blue chrome and Mercedes Benz CLA in silver chrome (Click the links on both to see our work!). Our client wanted the car to be wrapped in blue chrome. We started the process by disassembling the car. We took out door handles, grilles, and many other parts to ensure that when we wrap the car we are giving the customer the best quality car wrap in Miami. Our team had to ensure that every part of the car was well polished and clean because the smallest speck of dust could in turn cause the biggest of problems when it comes to the chrome car wrap. After some obstacles we had to over come throughout the process we successfully placed chrome along the entire car. The last part was to put the owners artwork on display on top of the hood of the vehicle. The pictures shown below are some from the process and the finished product. Check out the other links of our Mercedes Benz CLA silver chrome car wrap project in Miami and our Mercedes Benz SLK blue chrome car wrap project in Miami as well.

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