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The Ultimate Detailing Service

This is not your typical car detailing service that is offered by your local car wash in South Florida. First Class Autosports offers a detailing service unlike no other in Miami. In order to deliver high quality results, using the best quality wax is essential. Applying Swissvax, a high-grade and complex formulation produced exclusively by hand ensures a complete car detail finish like no other in South Miami.

The Swissvax car care product is the global industry leader, the wax contains no abrasives and can be applied to all paint surfaces, making it suitable for vehicles of all kinds, whether it be the latest exotic sports car or an antique car.

The professional automotive detailing service will remove embedded road grime, freeing your car from contaminants that have settled over time, resulting in a natural shine with a smooth paint to the touch. The car enthusiast at FCA (First Class Autosports) call this the ultimate complete car rejuvenation.

If you're looking to give your ride a healthy and long lasting treatment like no other, you should definitely consider a Swissvax detailing service.

First Class Autosports

5840 Commerce Lane

Miami, FL


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