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2012 LEXUS LFA At First Class Autosports Miami For Paint Protection

The rare Lexus LFA made in 2012 was delivered to us here at First Class Autosports in Miami, one of 500 produced.

Our rare guest the 2012 Lexus LFA came to us for paint protection film also known as clear bra to protect it's carbon fiber and aluminum lightweight structure.

Since this vehicle is one of a kind with an aerodynamic design so was the paint protection installed. Our superior team of installers custom cut the paint protection film for the partial front, rockers, pillars, side steps, mirrors and carbon fiber spoilers with skill and precision at First Class Autosports in Miami.

Our installers at First Class Autosports in Miami have years of experience and are highly skilled when dealing with all vehicles from domestic to exotics such as this Lexus LFA.

Also known as Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film once installed adheres to the vehicle (can be removed if decided with no residue or changes to original factory paint) and creates a protective self healing barrier.

This method of paint protection is the perfect fit for any vehicle owner who would like to maintain the condition of their vehicle as the owner of this 2012 Lexus LFA did. Paint Protection is one of many high quality services provided at First Class Autosports in Miami.

We cater to everyone from daily drivers to prestige car collectors. Every vehicle deserves to be protected and here at First Class Autosports in Miami, we take pride in the quality of our work and the level of professional customer service provided to each and every client.

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