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New 2017 Launch For 3M & Avery Vinyl Colors At First Class Autosports in Miami, FL

At First Class Autosports, we work with top Vinyl Film Manufacturers such as 3M and Avery, who are constantly expanding their vinyl film color portfolio and continue to inspire our team at First Class Autosports in Miami, Fl.

These dynamic colored vinyl films help not only our versatile installers at First Class Autosports explore various colors and designs but also allow our clients to have Custom Eye Catching Vehicle Wraps.

The new additions to 3M’s Vinyl Wrap Film 1080 Series include 3M Premium Flip Colors ( 3M Satin Flip Volcanic Flare, 3M Gloss Flip Deep Space, 3M Gloss Flip Psychedelic) and 3M Standard Premium Colors ( 3M Satin Vampire Red, 3M Satin Thundercloud, 3M Satin Caramel Luster, 3M Gloss Red Lipstick, 3M Gloss Black Cherry, 3M Gloss Plum Explosion, & 3M Wicked Gloss). These new vinyl films from 3M transform any vehicle into an instant work of art providing superior performance and conformability.


Avery has also added a selection of new colors to their Supreme Wrapping Film SW900 Series in Satin

Vinyl Films are Grey, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple Metallic, Orange, Dark Blue, Grass Green & Silver Metallic.

In addition, to these satin colors, Avery has also announced a new addition to the Avery Color Flow Avery Supreme Wrapping Film SW900 Series, which consists of shifting iridescent shades. The color is Lightening Ridge and is now part of the Avery Color Flow family along side colors such as Rushing Riptide, Rising Sun, Fresh spring, Roaring Thunder, and Urban Jungle.

However, all the selections in the Avery Color Flow Series are satin but as of the new Avery Color Flow color announcement all Avery Color Flow colors in the Avery Supreme SW900 Series are now available in Gloss finish not just Satin finish.

Avery Supreme Wrapping film SW900 Series provides a wide range of Custom Colors and finishes as well as superior performance with paint like smooth finish.

At First Class Autosports in Miami, FL, we take pride in having access to all newly released vinyl films from all manufacturers in Miami or Nationwide. With that access, we are able to provide all clients with one of a kind colors, early access, and custom vinyl designs. Be the first in Miami, FL to have your vehicle wrapped in any of these unique vinyl films at our location in Miami, Fl. Where our team of experienced installers can make any Custom Car Wrap idea become reality, only at First Class Autosports in Miami, FL.

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