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What does Canada, the United States, and Mexico have in common? They all came together to create an ultra-lightweight performance vehicle. This racecar is called Vuhl.

The Vuhl is an impressive little racecar. It has 400 horsepower, but only weighs 600 kg! This means the Vuhl racecar can go 0-60 in 2.7 seconds and reach speeds of 170 mph. With such a special racecar in the shop, we at First Class Autosports had to do something special.

The Vuhl racecar came in on a Saturday, and we had a small gathering for the car. Fortunately, everyone thought the Vuhl was awesome and wanted to learn more about it. This prompted us to explore making a custom vinyl wrap on the car. Here is our thinking behind the vinyl wrap design:

  • Include red, white, and green vinyl to as a tribute to Mexico

  • Incorporate a carbon fiber vinyl racing stripe

  • Add statistics and the Vuhl name so people can learn more

  • Add “RACECAR” to make the car look young and trendy

With all of these ideas, we were able to come up with this vinyl wrap:

We had a short amount of time to get the project done at First Class Autosports. We finalized the wrap design for the Vuhl on Wednesday and finished the wrap on Friday. Then came the fun…

The wrap was finished just in time for a public event at Prestige Imports/Lamborghini Miami. This was significant because the event was also the announcement of the new Lamborghini Miami racing team. With the unique wrap design, the Vuhl was able to stand out at the event and gathered enough attention to be shared on the Prestige Imports social media.

After the vinyl wrap


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