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Vinyl Chrome Wrap Mercedes Benz E-Class With Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Pro At First Class

Similar to the Mirror Chrome Wrap Mercedes Benz G-Class also known as the G-Wagon that our team did a while back is this Mirror Chrome Wrap Mercedes Benz E-Class done recently by our team of skilled installers at First Class Autosports Miami.

Not only did our team of certified installers at First Class Autosports Miami install Avery Silver Chrome Vinyl Film on this Mercedes Benz E-Class to give it a completely unique mirror like look but also installed Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro to provide as much protection as possible.

Paint Protection Film was installed on the entire Hood to create a protective barrier against common road hazards such as rock chips. Paint Protection Film also uses the heat of the engine to self heal. Ceramic Pro was then installed on the entire vehicle including the already protected hood to further protect against possible superficial scratches. Chrome Vinyl Film is prone to scratches and since buffing is not a solution Ceramic Pro gave the client a sense of peace that the vehicle is protected from such scratches occuring on the chrome's mirror like finish. Thanks to Ceramic Pro's Hydrophobic and Self-Cleaning properties future maintenance is also made easier for the vehicle owner.

One benefit of performing a Chrome Vinyl Car Wrap on your vehicle is chrome is reflective so it helps keep your vehicle cool by reflecting solar UV ray.

Our team of installers at First Class Autosports performed another Custom Car Wrap that not only met our expectations as a company that strives in customer service and craftsmanship but also exceeded the Client's expectations turning their basic white Mercedes Benz E-Class into a unique shiny mirror Chrome Car with Full Paint Protection that will certainly be an eye stopper when seen down the streets of Miami, Florida.

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