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The greatest Porsche event in South Florida covered by First Class Autosports Miami

We would like to share with our customers pictures of the DRT event that happened only a few blocks away from First Class Autosports

For the ones who were able to attend, you may remember some amazing cars. For the ones who could not attend and love Porsche, please enjoy!

A brief history about DRT

Born in 2015, Das Renn Treffen follows in the wake of VolksBlast (VOLKSBLAST.COM) – a nearly 20-year- old Vintage Volkswagen Show that was formed by members of the Palmetto Bugs and Wide Five VW car clubs. Originally created to help raise funds for local charities, many of the members who also donated time building houses for Habitat for Humanity realized what an incredible impact an official show could have on the community. VolksBlast had its first show in 1998 in the First National Bank of South Miami parking lot and drew 60 participants and over 100 spectators. Today, the show plays host to over 450 vehicles and 10,000+ spectators from all around the country and has helped to raise over $120,000 since it’s inception. Entering its third year, Das Renn Treffen is quickly becoming the largest and most anticipated Porsche event on the eastern seaboard. Attracting those who’s hearts beat faster at the sight of the Porsche crest, along with their friends and families, the future of Das Renn Treffen is bright.

450 participant vehicles, an estimated 10,000+ spectators per year &

generating more than $120,000 for local charities over the last 17 years....and counting


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