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Hi guys I’m Hugo! Hello and welcome back to the blog. Last week we had a very special guest visit First Class Autosports with his new car. He came to Miami all the way from the UK, on his next YouTube mission. As mentioned in the last blog, this person has a Ford GT and is now touring the US in a 2020 Ford GT500. He is most known by his name on YouTube - Shmee150.

Shmee is a popular YouTuber in the automotive industry. Shmee has traveled the world, reviewing cars, touring car collections, and covering car events. Over this time he has become a car collector himself, having assembled a collection of over 20 cars.

On this trip to the USA, Shmee added a new sports car to the collection: the Ford GT500. The 2020 Ford GT500 is one of the most powerful sports cars ever made. It has a whopping 760 horsepower and weighs 4054 lbs. It goes from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and the ¼ mile in 11.3 seconds! With a car that fast, we knew it needed paint protection film to stay safe from rock chips.

Shmee was able to film some videos while the Ford GT500 was at First Class Autosports. He first made a video about a new SunTek reaction paint protection film, that has both self-healing properties and water beading. This means that applying heat can get rid of any scratches and then the water just falls off when the car is washed! We applied this new PPF around the whole car.

After the car was wrapped in this special PPF, Shmee also added another new SunTek material to his car. This time, he added racing stripes to the Ford GT500 using a black PPF. This is the first time a black PPF has been used instead of black vinyl or paint. He finished the stripes with a thin red vinyl accent to match the brake calipers.

Now for the funny part...

Shmee thought that the GT500 rode a bit funny and wanted to investigate to see if there were any problems with the car. Sure enough, Shmee found the problem! During the Post Delivery Inspection, Ford somehow forgot to take the transport blocks out of the rear of the car! We got Shmee’s car on our car lift and he got to work taking out the transport blocks.

One other fun thing Shmee did while he was in town was do a review on our Tesla Model Y. We showed him how we customized it, from the custom wheels to the carbon fiber parts. Our Tesla Model Y has custom Strasse wheels, a modified suspension, and carbon fiber panels all throughout the interior.

Shmee's videos can be seen here: SunTek Reaction - Black SunTek - Suspension - Model Y

We thank Shmee for coming to First Class Autosports! We hope his travels across the USA are safe and that his SunTek PPF works well.


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