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The Ford GT has been praised as one of the most desirable supercars ever made by Ford. But what makes the Ford GT such a desirable exotic car?

Ford’s new GT supercar has a striking design and is based on 50 years of history.

In 1966, Ford made a supercar to compete against Ferrari in the world famous endurance race called 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. They made the car in less than a year and won the 1966 Le Mans, embarrassing Ferrari. The name of their supercar? The Ford GT40.

In 2004, Ford decided to bring back the famous supercar with a modern look. They simplified the name and called it the Ford GT. This car was so popular, that they quickly became a collectible car.

Nearly 50 years after their historic victory, Ford created the most modern version of the Ford GT supercar. This car has a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, pushing out 660 horsepower. Because the car only weighs 3000 lbs, this car is crazy fast, pushing speeds over 215 mph.

This car was so popular that Ford had to DOUBLE the production of their car, from 500 cars to 1000 cars. Even that was not enough, as some of these lucky owners bought the Ford GT for $450,000 and resold it for over $1 million!

We at First Class Autosports were very fortunate to work with one of these monsters! Our First Class Autosports team was chosen to install paint protection film on every inch of paint and exposed carbon fiber to protect the original Ford GT factory paint finish from any scratch or potential rock chip. ( It’s almost impossible to avoid rock chips at the track, which is the correct way to drive this supercar).

What made this vehicle so special was the fact that it had a custom 1 of 1 design. This GT had a special yellow with special orange stripes on the outside, as well as black and orange seats on the inside.

On such a vehicle, taking a chance could have terrible consequences. It could be dangerous to take a car like this to a body shop. Repairing a small accidental scratch or dent and having to respray the original factory Ford paint can be very expensive and difficult. This will not only affect the resale value, but also upset any car enthusiast.

Paint protection film is a thin clear layer of polyurethane installed on each panel, one panel at a time to guarantee full coverage. It is the only product available on the market capable of protecting factory paint in this manner. No wax or coating can do the same!

Paint protection film is also self healing so light swirl marks and very light scratches will disappear with the heat of the Miami sun! This will leave the finish always looking as shiny and new as possible.

Working on such a vehicle is a privilege and our team was very proud to be one of the few shops in the USA to protect such an incredible vehicle.

The entire process took about a week from the paint preparation to the ceramic coating of the paint protection film to offer extra shine and hydrophobic properties.

Now, here’s the funny part…

Right before the Ford GT was finished, we had another client stop by with his Ford GT500. He also has a Ford GT! Check out our next blog to find out who it was!


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