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Full Color Change wrap On Mercedes Benz CLS 400 With Accents And Powder Coated Wheels At First Class

Another win for our team of Skilled Installers at First Class Autosports Miami with this Full Color Change on a Mercedes Benz CLS 400 using Satin Black Vinyl Film. To create a Custom Car Wrap look they also installed Gloss Black Accents such as the Roof Wrap and the Mirror Cover Wraps, and lastly all four Wheels were professionally Powder Coated in Gloss Black.

The Mercedes Benz CLS 400 is originally Grey, yet the client wanted to have a Full Color Change to Satin Black. Matte Vinyl Car Wraps and Satin Vinyl Car Wraps are very popular Custom Car Wraps in Miami. The install exceeded our client's expectations upon delivery. Our client was extremely happy and satisfied with not only the overall experience at First Class Autosports but with the final completed Custom Car Wrap.

A secondary benefit from the Vinyl Car Wrap is that the Mercedes Benz Paint is being protected helping with the Mercedes Benz's Paint Care is a big plus for our client. If removed properly in the future the paint will be as if a Vinyl Film was never adhered to the paint's surface

Powder Coating Rims changes the wheels finish all while delivering a durable factory finish.

Gloss Black Accents such as the Roof Wrap and the Mirror Cover Wraps help complete the Custom Car Wrap.

Full Color Change, Custom Car Wraps, Accents, and Powder Coating are some of the services we offer and take pride in providing. First Class Service & Craftsmanship on every Vehicle brought to First Class Autosports Miami is guaranteed.

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