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GT3RS Miami Blue

Updated: Nov 10

In 2018 Porsche introduced the Weissach package option to the GT3RS platform, bringing with it a full carbon fiber kit and light weight features such as magnesium wheels reducing the curb weight by 38 pounds. The option cost $18,000 at the time with an additional $13,000 for the magnesium wheels adding up to an estimated grand total of $219,550. Fast forward to 2023 and the Porsche market decided to get on the world's most profitable roller coaster that only goes up - examples in the 8,000 mile range are going for $255,00+. But wait, that's not all!

Ready to have your mind blown? This 2019 Miami Blue Weissach GT3RS was purchased with only 240 miles. You read that right, it is still in it's original interior plastics. Additionally, carbon fiber trim pieces were installed throughout the vehicle wherever possible. A full exhaust was also installed and it sounds wicked!

This pristine example of one of the best Porsche's ever made was a great experience to have in the shop. Every person that walked in would stare in awe at the beauty of the Miami Blue paint clashing with the vast Sea of Exposed Carbon Fiber. The car was trailered in for a full paint protection film install and trailered out when the job was done. We used the PPF cutting software to cut out each vent, body panel, trim piece, light, etc. to ensure the job was done to exact specifications.

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