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lamborghini aventador sv vehicle wrap miami

At First Class Autosports transforming a sports car is what we do best. But what did we do when an already existing sports car has been redesigned to an image of what the designers at Lamborghini might call “the sportiest Lamborghini ever” and it’s left at our doorstep?

Lamborghini set out to make the Aventador the most innovative sports car known to man.

Then they decided to create the Superveloce, Aventador SV Coupe that was designed as the sportiest Lamborghini ever. Could it be the sportiest sports car there ever was?

We can at least say it is a step up from the already iconic models we’ve seen previously. With a further improved V12 engine, the magnetorheological push-rod suspension and the Lamborghini Dynamic Steering system; add the willingness to recreate engineering feats with the “Design to Weight” concept in mind for the lowest possible weight with highest capable performance and you can thank the craft of Lamborghini’s talented Italian artisans for this masterpiece.

When we saw the Aventador SV in white for the first time, it wasn’t hard to notice the ultra-light carbon fiber used for the air vents, rear spoiler, and bumper; in that moment FCA knew just what to do.


Inspired by the carbon fiber accents on the seemingly unimprovable Superveloce, we decided a full color change wrap from white to full carbon fiber using APA Vinyl Wrap which would give us the desired look that this lightweight car would need.



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