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Lucid Air Grand Touring New Wrap

For the fourth revision of our Lucid Air Grand Touring we are changing the color to a satin chrome red that we had previously installed onto our Tesla Model Y. That color got us a lot of attention on our Tesla Model Y so we are excited to have it on our Lucid. Check out some of the progress pictures and the final results:

We installed a satin super chrome red vinyl wrap on the car to completely transform the look from a black that blends into traffic to a bright red beacon of attention.

Some previous looks we had on our Lucid Air Grand Touring include a Highlighter Yellow Vinyl Wrap, Full Blackout Look, and a Chrome Blue with Satin Black look. The car is equipped with a full window tint using XPEL Ceramic Prime XR Plus on all windows and even having the rear windshield and front windshield/roof each one in one piece. With this advanced technique there are no seams showing. Additionally we installed 21" The New Aero Wheels which really gave the car a new, aggressive look.

After enjoying the fully blacked out look we decided to go bold once again with this incredibly unique satin chrome red wrap. When we built our Tesla Model Y, our first version included the same color wrap so this color was chosen to honor that car. That Tesla Model Y got so much attention with this color on the car that we are excited to see how it does on our Lucid Air. We are hopeful that it will be a smashing success.

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