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Tesla Model 3 Acceleration boost update anyone?

Today, only a week away from Christmas, Tesla surprised the community with a paid performance upgrade boosting the 0 to 60 MPH and shaving it by half a second to the already fast electric car performances

Who would pay money for this? Really?

Well, we did it (our excuse is that it is a business expense!) Our Tesla Model 3 Dual Motors from our My Tesla Miami Division is now faster than ever overnight. We actually have been waiting for this since we purchased our Model 3 back in 2018

My Tesla Miami custom wrap

On your left is the newest car wrap we did for Art Basel 2019

Full color change wrap with Apple green vinyl. We then added satin black custom shaped stickers to create a custom camouflage style pattern

You can visit to learn more about Tesla restyling and protection

So back to the Tesla Model 3 acceleration performance boost???

Imagine, no more visit to the performance shop, just a click and voila!

So the question is:

What are the real numbers???

This is a screen shot below from our upgrade order so we hope Tesla will honor this performance which we feel comfortable with since Tesla always improves features and performance with over-the-air updates

Tesla Acceleration Boost update 2019

Tesla is always unpredictable just like its stock but we are pretty sure that this was all planned since a long time.

It will also add some cash flow to the last quarter with an already really strong stock close to $400 per share when it was near $200 this summer.

What is next? The future would tell... maybe Elon will too


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