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Tesla Model 3 Color-Shift Wrap

When you purchase your TM3 you may notice that Tesla doesn't have a lot of color options. Vinyl wrapping your car is a great way to make your Tesla unique to you and your style. With so many examples available on the web its difficult to be inspired but also not copy somebody else. Today we turn this ordinary white TM3 into a flashy color changing green machine. Using a color shift green/gold vinyl wrap we completely transformed this EV.

The array of different tones that this wrap creates would catch anyone's attention. It changes from a bright yellow to a deep green and many colors throughout.

This unique color is only available with a vinyl wrap. What most people do is purchase their Tesla and pick the color while knowing that they are going to install a vinyl wrap so they same money on the more expensive color options at the dealer. Now that Tesla is charging for extra colors this is an alternative that makes even more sense and where the possibilities are truly endless. It took us a week to prep the car, install the wrap, let the wrap cure and perform a series of post heating processes.

Although color-shift wraps are more expensive than a gloss or satin wrap, they have a lot more personality. Depending on what angle you are looking at the car you will see a different color spread.

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