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Tesla Model Y Solar tint and Paint protection film

Updated: May 24, 2021

We are super excited to see the new Tesla model Y at First Class Autosports

Here is a rendering of a 5% solar tint on the new Tesla Model Y tint ( This application would be illegal in Florida)
The new 2020 Tesla Model Y window tinting

Despite a lot of our customers having ordered the new Tesla Model Y, as of today only a handful of lucky individuals received their 2020 Tesla Model Y

To anticipate the new arrival, we prepared packages which are essential to the protection of the paint and interior of the NEW Tesla Model Y

Please inquire with one of our Miami Tesla specialists when contacting us to know all the different options that we offer. We can answer everyone's needs along with their budget

You can also visit our Miami Tesla division website about window tint if you want to learn a little bit more about it on your own.

Keep in mind that the Model Y side back windows are made of a dark tinted privacy glass and do not protect like a window/solar tint which once applied rejects 99% of the UV, up to 60 % of the heat and up to 90% of Infrareds. The same applies to the Tesla Model X

Learn more about Tesla Window tinting in Miami:

The 2 best protection packages in our opinion are:

Tesla Model Y Full sides solar tint / Tesla Model Y full sides window tint:

We offer carbon and ceramic tint and most of all offer a flawless install with lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle

Tesla Model Y solar and window tint package

Tesla Model Y paint protection film / Tesla Model Y clear bra:

Our most popular package for Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and Tesla Mode X is the full front package

So we are confident to say that Tesla Model Y owners will do the same.

The protected areas are full hood, full fenders, full bumper and we are offering complimentary headlights to Model Y owners

Here is our Tesla Model Y full front paint protection film package in Miami at First Class Autosports
Full front paint protection film Model Y Tesla

Tesla Model Y Miami Paint protection film - 2020 Model Y Tesla best window tint Miami


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