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The S213 ERA E53 AMG Wagon Project

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This unique project took over one year of planning and three months of execution. From part allocation to organizing the vision, this would ultimately become one of the best looking Mercedes wagons on Earth.

Originally a 2017 Mercedes Benz E400, this full conversion was assembled with parts from all over the globe. The methodology for the conversion, simply put, is that Mercedes-Benz does not offer the E43/E53 AMG Wagons for the US, only the E63 AMG Wagon. Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands and make his own AMG Wagon. After all, the engine that came in his E400 is the same engine as the E43 AMG just detuned so the conversion is not far fetched.

The wagon is a fully loaded Designo Maybach interior estimated to be only 1 out of a handful of wagons in the world with the black version of the spec making it a rare spec to begin with. The car's interior is impeccable and further accentuated by Daniel's modifications. He changed the steering wheel to the new 2023 S Class Steering Wheel and added a Diamond Stitched Armrest to match the diamond stitched interior.

Interior Options

Distronic+ (Self Driving/Steering Wheel, Gas, Brake Automation), Alcantara Roof, Maybach Designo Interior Trim and Seats, Napa Leather Two-Tone Custom, Padded Diamond Stitched Armrest, Massage Seats, Heated / Cooled Seats, 2023 S Class Leather Steering Wheel, Heated Steering Wheel, Built-In Air Freshener, Built-In Wifi, Android CarPlay Box(Netflix, HBO, Hulu), Rotating Tweeter Speakers, Rear Facing Third Row Seats in the Trunk, and 360° Camera Surround System.

Coding Performed on Vehicle:

Full Interior AMG Coding Activation of the DashBoard Screen, Center Console Screen and Heads Up Display, Video in Motion, Headlight Amber Reflector Turn Off, Headlight Full LED Brightness at Night Time, and Heated and Cooled Seats Strength Increased by 30% and Length increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

The car got new fenders, rocker panels, a new hood, front bumper and rear bumper all in AMG styling which Daniel installed himself along with most of the modifications on the car. Then GP Coatings powdercoated the brake calipers AMG Yellow.

After the body work was done, First Class Autosports installed an Inozetek Era Green wrap flawlessly as well as did a chrome delete. The car is called the 'ERA' project because of the Inozetek Era Green wrap and the Vossen ERA-2 Wheels - old style wheels and an old style Euro Porsche color.

Vossen got on board the project and ERA-2 Three Piece Wheels were put on the car. Installed by Miami Autosport and wrapped in Falken Tires these shoes give this car a big personality. The car came optioned with Mercedes-Benz AirMatic+ Suspension and Daniel installed a digital lowering module allowing him to lower the car as low as aftermarket air suspension and raise it as high as a crossover while still riding smooth, unlike aftermarket suspensions when raised all the way. Daniel says if he had bought a E43/53 Wagon from overseas he would have put it on air suspension anyway and that this was another convenient part of doing a conversion and not undergoing the headache filled process of importing a modern European car that has not undergone US inspections and crash/safety testing.

Modalworks is another sponsor of the build with their Carbon Fiber Intake System and Catless Downpipes installed as well. Capristo Exhaust Performance is also on board with their E400/E43 Full Valved Exhaust. Wagner Tuning is also on board with their performance intercooler on the car. Lastly, the car is equipped with TurboSmart blow off valves. Tuned by Project'A Miami, the car makes around 500hp and 550ft-lbs of torque.

RW Carbon also jumped on board and their Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Side Skirts, Diffuser and Side Mirrors were installed on the car.

In his interview Daniel said: "I built this car as an idea of what could have been if Mercedes had brought the E43/53 Wagon models to the US however this is not an AMG. I say this because even though the car has the same engine, makes more power than a stock 43/53 wagon, has the optimal suspension for a daily, has arguably a more comfortable daily driver interior, and overall is an amazing daily driver spec - it will never be a real AMG. It may look, drive, smell, and sound like a real AMG, but as all AMG purists will say, it is still not a real AMG. And I agree, however it is still an amazing project and deserves its spotlight and respect. The amount of money invested into this car makes it worth the same as a 30,000 mile E63 AMG Wagon but that was not the point. My previous car was a C6 Corvette Z06 HCI making 600+whp. That car changed my perspective on speed and showed me that whatever I daily drive is not fast compared to other real sports cars on the road and why should it be? It's a daily driver not a track car. At the end of the day I built the car for me, myself and I and am extremely happy with the result whether the purists like it or not."

In conclusion, the "ERA" project is a testament to the creativity, skill and dedication of its creator, Daniel. Through his vision and hard work, he transformed a rare and already impressive 2017 Mercedes Benz E400 into a one-of-a-kind AMG wagon. The project involved sourcing parts from all over the world and performing extensive coding and modifications to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Sponsors also played a significant role in the build, providing high-quality components such as wheels, exhaust systems, and carbon fiber accessories. The result is a stunning vehicle that boasts a unique example of what can be accomplished with a clear vision, a lot of hard work, and a willingness to push boundaries and challenge conventions.


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