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Full body Xpel Ultimate paint protection on 2015 Corvette ZO6 in Miami - First Class Autosports

The majority of car enthusiasts would think of a Clear Bra/ Paint Protection to cover and protect partially the front of the car. It is correct, indeed Fartial Front paint protection kits will be the first step following by the FULL FRONT paint protection which includes a full hood and full fenders installation.

In this particular case, the proud owner of this gorgeous shiny red Corvette ZO6 was looking for the rare FULL BODY PAINT PROTECTION install. By full paint protection, we mean every inch of the car.

No bare painted areas were spared from being protected with Xpel Ultimate film, one of the leading company in paint protection films

In addition to a full protection preventing scratches and rock chips, the Xpel Ultimate film has a SELF HEALING property. Minor scratches will disappear automatically like magic! No more spider webs from bad car washes! Moreover the clarity of the film is so clear that it is almost impossible to detect the film unless someone tells you. No orange peel, just a flawless finish

Last important point to share is the way our trained and certified Xpel First Class team managed to use wrapped edges technique to provide an invisible install. The film wraps behind the edges like we would do on color change car wraps.

This is the highest level of installation in the paint protection industry!

Like we always say, pictures are worth a thousand words... so here there are..


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