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Beyond a Window Tint - South Miami premium window tinting by First Class Autosports

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear "auto window tints" is probably privacy. While window tints do hold true to this factor. Window tints also provide a significant protection against the sun. With record high heat temperatures in Miami, Florida blasting the AC on the lowest temperature is not enough to escape the heat. Hearing the sound of the AC blasting continuously is not the most enjoyable sound either some may argue. Lastly, lets not forget to mention the average commute time in Miami is 29 minutes. Car window tints is now your new best friend in Miami, South Florida.

Through research and years of experience First Class Autosports has found that the best solution to escaping the heat when driving is by installing SunTek Carbon window tint. This tint, unlike basic car window tints uses the latest nano film technology, it has superior rejection against the heat we mentioned earlier, while also offering protection against infrared and UV light. How much privacy you want is your decision from the 8 shades of VLT (visible light transmission) darkness .

The chart above shows the difference between the 8 Carbon Series to choose from. If you're looking to get the ultimate privacy and the most solar energy protection, we recommend the Carbon 35 and 25 series window tint . You will immediately notice a cooler difference on your daily commute and a uniquely cool look to your vehicle due to the classic black tone of the SunTek Carbon auto window tints.

The SunTek Window film does not interfere with any electronic device, such as radio and GPS signal. In addition, the film has a lifetime warranty and is non - fading.

First Class Autosports Miami offers lifetime warranty on all car window tinting applications. The Suntek carbon window tint film has also a lifetime warranty against fading, cracking and bubbling.

Our technicians work on one car at a time to guarantee the best long lasting install for your vehicle.

Schedule your premium window tinting appointment today at First Class Autosports Miami, the best car window tinting near me. Suntek carbon premium window tint