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AMG GTR Pro Project

The AMG GT debuted in 2014 and took the sports car scene by storm. In 2019 it introduced the rawest version of the AMG GT chassis, the AMG GT R PRO. The PRO was modified for better racetrack performance. The Mercedes AMG team increased horsepower, added new suspension, increased aerodynamics and reduced the weight of the vehicle through lighter seats and wheels. All of these changes resulted in enhanced driving dynamics and faster lap times.

The new AMG coil-over suspension offers more adjustability so the owner can hone in their AMG GTR and drive like a PRO at any circuit. Mercedes writes:

"As in professional motorsport, the driver is not only able to set the spring preload length mechanically, but can now also adjust the compression and rebound of the dampers. This is done quickly and precisely without tools via a click system with an integral adjustment dial on the damper. The compression rate is adjusted separately for high-speed and low-speed movements. This means that the settings can be dialled-in for slow and fast compression movements as is common practice in motorsport. This allows influencing the body dive and roll as the well as the traction of the AMG GT R PRO even more selectively. The front axle is fitted with an adjustable torsion bar made of lightweight carbon fiber. Its counterpart at the rear is made of steel, is likewise adjustable and also saves weight due to its hollow tube design."

The AMG GT R comes with Uniball spherical bearings for the lower wishbones of the rear axles (a significant upgrade from the GT) however the AMG GT R PRO gets there bearings for the upper wishbones as well. These are more wear-resistant and have no play under high loads. This means the car is even more precise.

The PRO's lighter weight can be attributed to it's new forged wheels, high-performance compound braking system, AMG bucket seats, and a ton of carbon fiber additions. These additions include a carbon fiber roof, canards, front splitter, spoiler and other bits and pieces.

From factory all AMG GTR PRO's come in selenite grey with light green racing stripes running over the hood, roof and hatch as well as along the sides of the vehicle. The owner wanted to restyle his AMG GTR PRO to match the looks of his F1 Edition Aston Martin Vantage so we installed Satin Black Paint Protection Film on the whole car and applied Satin Grey Racing Stripes over the same spots where the Green ones were from factory. Additionally, we installed window tints and a ceramic coating to the PPF. This AMG GT R PRO is now an even greater head-turner while also being protected from the elements and on the track.

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