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Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition

Updated: Nov 10

The Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition is more than a famous logo on an extraordinary car, it includes mechanical changes that heighten the senses. Some changes include a larger rear wing, a new front end, an additional 24 horsepower, a louder exhaust, and revised transmission software of it's already impressive eight-speed automatic transmission.

The suspension changes include 10% stiffer rear springs, revised adaptive dampers, and a revised front suspension. Under heavy cornering these changes reward the driver with more grip and gets rid of the sketchy feel of the normal Vantage. The option is an additional $23,000 over the base Vantage coupe.

The F1 Edition is easier to corner with, has more power, a revised body, and a reworked suspension - what's it missing? Paint protection film, in this case Stealth Paint Protection Film to restyle the look but also protect the paint of this rare, powerful Grand Tourer. The option is an additional $23,000 over the base Vantage coupe. We applied Stealth PPF on the whole vehicle but left some parts in Clear PPF to contrast the satin and gloss finishes. Once the PPF was applied we installed Satin Dark Gray stripes along the vehicle. (this became a recurrent theme with the rest of the owner's cars that he brought to us)

Once finished with the stripes we applied a Ceramic Coating package to the PPF in order to increase resistance to the sun and make the material as hydrophobic as possible, ensuring it's easier to maintain and reduce water spots. The ceramic coating layer for PPF is applied followed by a Top Coat to seal it in. Ceramic coating was created to protect paint and make a cars easier to maintain but an amazing benefit is the beautiful finish it leaves behind. Ceramic coating leaves paint looking deep and wet in a gloss finish and gives satin finishes another dimension when the light hits them.

If you are interested in doing a similar project to your Aston Martin Vantage reach out to the office at (786)-268-7501

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