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GT4RS Takes Over First Class Autosports

Updated: May 14

First Class Autosports took a trip over to Germany to join our good friend, and customer who was taking delivery of a GT4RS at the Leipzig Porsche factory fully loaded with the Weissach package. When you purchase the GT4RS you can either have it shipped to the dealer where you purchased it at or you can take delivery at the Porsche factory in Germany and then drive it around Europe if you wish so! Our customer decided to do just that, and we were there to experience it with him.

Weissach GT4RS At Circuit Paul Ricard Taking a Turn
Weissach GT4RS at Circuit Paul Ricard

After taking delivery of the car in Germany the road trip began! The car was driven through Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Monaco, and other places. Here are some pictures from the journey.

After having taken delivery the next stop was the Circuit Paul Ricard where the GT4RS was to be thoroughly enjoyed. The drive from one country to the next alone broke in the brand new Cayman with a sticker price of over $180,000. Being in the 3,250lb curb weight, 493 horsepower GT4RS on the track is an experience unlike any other.

Porsche Weissach GT4RS at Circuit Paul Ricard Rear Picture
Porsche Weissach GT4RS at Circuit Paul Ricard Rear

Here you can see the car on the track with First Class Autosports stickers all over it because the owner is cool like that. Sitting on the 20 inch forged wheels they are available in various paint finishes.

Porsche GT4RS surrounded by GT2RS, GT3 and Others at Circuit Paul Ricard
Porsche GT4RS surrounded by GT2RS, GT3 and Others at Circuit Paul Ricard

With a 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 196mph the speed of the GT4RS is undeniable. When you add on the $13,000+ Weissach is where things get even more exciting. The Weissach package includes exposed carbon fiber front trunk lid, air intakes, air blades behind the windows, mirrors, and rear wing. It also includes an exposed carbon airbox and intakes in the cabin, the trim emblem that says Weissach, the headrests embroidered that say Weissach and the upper section of the dash in race-tex material.

The GT4RS comes with a high-revving, naturally aspirated, dry-sump flat six that redlines at 9,000 rpm. It is a spun around 911 GT3 engine derived from the 911 GT3 Cup car. It only makes 9 horsepower less than the GT3 making you wonder if that extra horsepower was left on the table to keep the GT3 superiority alive.

We had the pleasure of installing XPEL Paint Protection Film on a Weissach GT4RS and the experience of having this car in the shop was terrific. With so much aero and exposed carbon its hard to look away. It brightens your mood simply imagining what it must feel like to drive on the track. We are expecting another GT4RS once the one that was taken to the track arrives from its cross-continental trip to the US.