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Imported 2003 996 GT3RS Project

If you live in America, the chances that you have seen a real 996 GT3RS is slim to none. This is because the 996 GT3RS was never sold in the US and is still illegal to register in the US until the 25 year law applies to the vehicle. This unique 996 GT3RS was imported from Europe and brought to us for a full color change from the red OEM spec to the blue. Real OEM livery stickers were sourced and some had to be created, real OEM blue GT3RS wheels were sourced, and the interior seatbelts were changed to blue. All of these OEM parts are extremely rare in the rest of the world and exponentially harder to find in the US considering these are a handful of these cars here.

After we sourced all of the parts we proceeded to paint correct the entire vehicle to restore the 23 year old paint. After that was completed we installed the new livery, wheels and seat belt to then apply a graphene coating on the paint. The result is a stunning transformation on an extremely rare car.


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