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Matte Black Paint Protection Film at First Class Autosports with a Ferrari SF90

Updated: Sep 4

Matte paint requires special care, protection and expertise to keep clean and healthy. You should not use any products meant for regular paint on matte paint. This also goes for paint protection film, you should only install Matte Paint specific paint protection film. This way the finish on the vehicle stays matte and does not change to gloss. Once paint protection film is installed on the paint you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your expensive and hard to care for paint is now protected. You must now ensure that you take exceptional care of the paint protection film. Ensure that the person whom washes your vehicle is trained on working with matte paint and has previous experience doing so. Kindly make sure that they are using matte specific products as a safety precaution.

We couldn't find the exact cost of the Matte Black paint but we suspect upwards of $25,000. With a paint so expensive, protection is a no brainer to ensure your prancing investment stays in tip top shape for years to come.

First Class Autosports performed an interior and exterior ceramic coating package on this Matte Black Ferrari SF90 with interior and matte specific ceramic coating respectively. The owner brought his family to reveal the car for the first time at First Class Autosports. The grand reveal went great, they were blown away by the installation.

Some hiccups we ran into along the way was that the car showed up with 5 layers of ceramic coating. The owner had specifically instructed the dealership to not apply any ceramic coatings as they were going to install Paint Protection Film on the car and the dealer said that there was no ceramic coating on the car. This did affect our installation of the film however once we took the ceramic coating into consideration and adapted our technique we were able to successfully install the paint protection film .

During the process of preparing this blog, the owner of the SF90 messaged us two days after he picked up the car with the following picture:

Within two days the paint protection film installation paid for itself. While on the highway at an undisclosed speed rocks damaged the front bumper. Had it not been for the paint protection film, he would have had to repaint his whole front bumper with no certainty that the paint match would be accurate. As we lifted the paint protection film it was clear that it had done it's job and successfully protected the bumper. We installed a new lower bumper piece and the car was ready to go!

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