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McLaren P1 Paint Protection Film at First Class Autosports

Updated: May 9

Satin Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 Front 3/4 Picture
McLaren P1 in XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film

Every car manufacturer has their selection of top of the line cars. There will always be legendary cars, manufacturers pushing for better and better to beat "the other guy". Homologation cars to compete in racing series or other competition spec cars. But every once in a while a holy grail car comes along and stamps its name in the history books. The McLaren P1 is one of those holy grail cars. To have a McLaren P1 in the shop for two weeks was truly an experience.

Satin Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 Headlight Detail Shot
Mclaren P1 Headlight Detail

Every morning the team would walk in the shop they couldn't help but pass by to check it out, every time noticing another intricate detail that the McLaren design team have intricately sculpted. The exquisite body lines as sharp as Japanese knives ready to slice through air with the precision of a ninja.

McLaren P1 Carbon Fiber Plaque
McLaren P1 Carbon Fiber Chassis Plaque

The meaty tires sitting on the carefully tuned suspension. The carbon fiber, my goodness, all that carbon fiber. It's no surprise why this car is known as a legend. Makes you think twice about how crazy Tavarish the youtuber really is for trying to rebuild one of these things. Nothing about this car is simple or cheap.

Satin Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 Rear Picture
McLaren P1 Rear

With a pretty price tag of over 2 million dollars it's a sight to behold and appreciate since there are only 375 made in the world. The F1 tech was apparent, there was a DRS button on the steering wheel that would give the car an aero advantage in straight lines and an IPAS (Integrated Power Assist) button that gives a temporary electrical boost advantage - oh don't forget, she's a hybrid.

McLaren P1 Carbon Fiber Interior Steering Wheel DRS IPAS
McLaren P1 Interior Shot Steering Wheel

931 horsepower and 900 ft-lbs of torque from a 3.7L Twin Turbo Hybrid V8 (that's a mouthful). Even after 10 years since its creation and it is already clear that this automotive icon possesses all the traits of a timeless design since it still looks like a spaceship from the future and we are puny humans humbled at its mercy. Power to weight is astounding due to it's carbon monocoque chassis and lightweight everything amounting to a puny 3,280 lb curb weight.

Satin Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 Front Picture
McLaren P1 Satin Volcano Yellow Front End

We created a one of one P1 here at First Class Autosports by restyling, protecting and enhancing all at once. We removed the old clear PPF and installed XPEL STEALTH/Matte Paint Protection Film which took this originally glossy bright volcano yellow and turned it into a satin finish.

Satin Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 Rear Emblem Picture
McLaren P1 Rear Emblem

That's something you don't see... well.. ever! We're confident this is the first yellow P1 with stealth PPF like this. We also installed yellow accents on the side skirts and diffuser to accentuate the carbon fiber trims solidifying this as a one of one spec.

Satin Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 Front 3/4 Picture
McLaren P1 Front 3/4

The McLaren P1 is an incredible automobile with F1 DNA. McLaren P1 Paint Protection Film should only be done with the best quality materials on the market and that is what we use at First Class Autosports.With such an expensive price tag, installing paint protection film is a must. If you would like to protect one of your McLaren P1s contact us by calling or texting 786-268-7501.

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