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Introducing the FCA Tesla Twins!

Updated: May 24, 2021

The last time you heard from us, we were bursting at the seams with excitement over our new Tesla Model Y Performance vehicle fully equipped with the Performance Package. And, naturally, we promised you we would be giving it our FCA touch (First Class Autosports version of pimp my ride for you new subscribers ) so… here you have it! Our dynamic duo, in true twinning fashion ⚡️ We couldn't leave out our first love - our Model 3 - and we don't like to play favorites, just drive them ;)

One of the good things about social distancing… NO TRAFFIC! So we took our pair of Tesla’s over to Brickell Key to give everyone a closer look at the work we had done. (Fortunately for us, the Auto Industry is much more forgiving about any upgrades) So here we go, we are pulling back the curtain to give you the inside scoop on what exact upgrades we did ;)

Both our original Model 3, and new Model Y had a full custom body wrap done. We designed the two Teslas to incorporate mirroring half wraps, highlighting both the iconic Tesla T, and our favorite electric green, which guarantees a burst of “pop” and compliments our First Class Autosports logo quite nicely. We are suckers for a good holographic effect, so we opted for the matte Satin Flip Psychedelic 3M Wrap for the other half of the vehicles, and because we are in Sunny South Florida, we are fortunate to get a majority of days where we get to see that kaleidoscope effect shine.

Along with parking lot doughnuts, attention to detail is one of our signature moves, so we tinted all windows with our ceramic tint, including our permanent visor “stripe” along the front windshield. This helps protect the driver from those early morning low sun glares. We opted for aftermarket sport lowering springs, to lower the vehicle & get us closer to the ground for a smoother ride. And for those of you wondering, Yes, our Model 3 received all the same treatments. We are still waiting on our custom made Forged aftermarket wheels for our Model Y, so until then our added vinyl detail on the rims seemed like the next logical step.

We love the creative process of sourcing colors, materials, and adding small upgrades that make a world of a difference. Our team is still working hard during this time, and as a reminder we are available for virtual appointments to talk about any car needs you might be looking to take care of, and are taking all necessary precautions to keep our team & customers safe!

If you are set to receive a new Tesla in the near future, here are just a few of the items we can assist you with:

Tesla Solar Tint

• Tesla Paint Protection Films

• Tesla Ceramic Coating

• Tesla Custom & Accent Wraps

• Purchasing Aftermarket accessories

To request an appointment:

Big thanks to our friends at @_alphamedia_ for giving us all a closer look at the newly upgraded rides. And if you're still reading, tell us the truth, should we just go ahead and name our Teslas? #AskingforOurselves

Stay tuned for the next one - Over & out

The FCA Team and the My Tesla Miami Team


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