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Some Special Guests Get A Whole Transformation

Today’s world is run by social media. We all find our favorite companies through social media and live vicariously through our favorite influencers.


Earlier this year, we had international car blogger Shmee stop by with his Ford Mustang GT500. Shortly after, we made some new friends! Let us introduce them to you:

Now we have Jeremy and Angie, who have traveled the world seeing the most beautiful destinations. Jeremy and Angie have a combined 1 million+ followers on Instagram through their pages @JeremyAustiin and @MissAngieVilla. They recently bought a Tesla Model 3. We wanted to make sure their Tesla was as cool as them! Our Tesla restyling division My Tesla Miami was the perfect match!

Check out our new friends on Instagram as well as give us a follow for our My Tesla Miami division @MyTeslaMiami

First, we at First Class Autosports/My Tesla Miami wrapped the Tesla Model 3 in a satin black vinyl. A satin black wrap makes the car look more sleek and protects the paint from Florida’s crazy sun.

Next, we changed the Tesla logos from chrome to satin black. The chrome clashed a lot with the satin black vinyl, so we felt that the satin black logos made the Tesla look better!

Next, we powder coated the wheels satin black. The satin black wheels made the car look much more complete. This process involves taking off the wheels and tires, modifying the wheels, and then installing them back on the Tesla Model 3.

Jeremy and Angie’s Tesla needed an accent color, and we chose red. We put the red accents on the Tesla’s brake calipers. Now, instead of being all black, the Tesla Model 3 has some red to stand out!

We had fun transforming Jeremy and Angie’s Tesla! We hope they like it and it looks good on their next journey. Welcome to the Tesla family!


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