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The Dangers of waiting before protecting your car

This 2022 Tesla Model 3 came to us in rough shape. The paint had large amounts of micro scratches, the trim was stained blue, there were more serious scratches throughout and the car was filthy. Through our Ceramic Pro Silver Package where we decontaminate, paint correct, and ceramic coat the entire vehicle we were able to restore the vehicle.

There are scratches along the whole car, every inch of the paint had micro scratches, the window trims were stained blue and the rear bumper was damaged (among many other things).

The owner let us know that they keep the car outdoors and admit that they don't care for the car as well as they should be.

The FCA team My Tesla Team were shocked when they saw what type of restoration this was going to be. The car needed so much work but we turned our equipment on and got to work, working extra hours to successfully complete the project. After hours of detailing work and paint correction we were able to bring the shine of the paint back and get rid of almost all of the micro scratches on the paint.

We went a step ahead and detailed the entire interior, used plastic enhancers, leather cleaner, and made the car like new again. When the owner arrived to the shop he could not even recognize his own car. It was what we consider a full restoration.

We also applied ceramic pro 9H layers on top of the paint to give the car even more shine. If you have a vehicle that needs a full restoration like this Tesla Model 3 contact our sales team.

The key takeaway form this scenario is that if the owner of this TM3 protected his Tesla with us when he purchased it, then the car would not have reached this condition. We perform yearly maintenances on our Ceramic Pro customers which maintains a baseline for the condition of these customer's cars. Ceramic pro makes the car hydrophobic and easy to clean. Don't wait for your vehicle reach an extreme condition like this to reach out to us, lets protect your car the right way.

Call us at (305)-671-3171.

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