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The New Aero Wheel

Updated: Jan 4

First Class Autosports is proud to announce that we now offer The New Aero Wheels for all Lucid Air platforms and for the upcoming Lucid Gravity. Designed in Germany/Sweden and made in Italy, these forged, directional 21" wheels complete the Lucid Air, completely transforming the car. They produce 9.9% less vehicle drag and move 30% less air than the OEM wheels. This results in a typical +2-7% highway range compared to conventional designs.

New Aero Wheel Lucid/Tesla Miami

New Aero Wheel explains in their website that they "found beauty in the unique form of the sleek side mirrors, the air outlets in the interior, minimalist door handles, the various shapes of fine imbalance and trapezoid shapes. And who can´t forget the maybe most beautiful back in automobile design, with its signature tail light. A perfect blueprint" when designing their signature wheels. They call them the perfect balance of feminine and male shape.

New Aero Wheel Lucid/Tesla Miami

New Aero Wheel Lucid/Tesla Miami

The New Aero Wheels hid the lug nuts underneath a machined aluminum disc making the design seem clean and seamless. The wheels are milled out of one piece of forged aerospace-grade aluminum, a Monoblock.

Their relentless strive for perfection consequently led to them being internationally awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design, the iF Design Award in the product discipline, and the Automotive Brand Contest from the German Design Council, scoring in both the Brand Design, and Future Mobility & Parts categories.

New Aero Wheel Lucid/Tesla Miami

When constructing an aero wheel, the key is to design a wheel that moves as little air as necessary. In contrast, they would resemble the design of a turbine fan, shaped to move as much air as possible.

New Aero Wheel Lucid/Tesla Miami

The wheels weight affects the efficiency, especially in acceleration and braking. A forged wheel typically weighs 25-30% less than the same design casted. However, it is not as simple as putting the wheel on a scale. Mass that is far from the center of rotation is worse than mass that is close to the center. Compare to a figure skater who has her arms out in a pirouette. When she pulls her arms in, she will suddenly start spinning faster even though she did not add any energy.

We are now officially offering these same wheels for your Lucid as well as powder coating options if you would like a custom color for the wheels. Call or Text 786-268-7501 to place an order with us M-F, 10AM-6PM!

Check out our Lucid Division, My Lucid Miami!


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