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What is Colored Paint Protection Film?

If you are familiar with paint protection film then you already know all of the great benefits that it offers for protecting your vehicle. If you aren't let us give you a brief overview:

Paint protection film is a polyurethane film that is applied onto vehicles to protect the paint from scratches, contaminants, road hazards, stains and much more.

Colored paint protection film saves you the impossible choice between flawless paint and driving in style. It combines the color changing joy of vinyl wraps with the protection of regular paint protection film.

Colored paint protection is the same polyurethane film but it is infused with color. With special attention paid to the brilliance of each color while retaining the integrity of its polyurethane construction, colored paint protection film is a great choice to protect your vehicle. Colored paint protection film still retains the self healing properties like normal paint protection film. This self-healing process is triggered by heat and can work with something as simple as a hair dryer.

Colored paint protection film is harder to install than normal paint protection film and much harder than vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps are much thinner and are a dry install whist paint protection film is a wet install. Colored paint protection is thicker and should only be installed by experienced professionals.

Some examples showed throughout this article are a Green Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, Blue Porsche 911 Turbo S, Orange Rivian RT1, and Yellow Ferrari 812 Superfast. Checkout these Flickr Albums to see more

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