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Aston Martin Rapide AMR

Updated: Nov 10

The last naturally aspirated V12 powered Aston Martin, the Rapide AMR is nothing short of spectacular. Even when idling the Rapide does not let you forget what it has under the hood with a subtle purring humming your senses. The start up is violent as it roars to life and the acceleration is unlike anything you have ever experienced in a four door Sedan. Rear bucket seats, carbon interior, and the revised digital dash are only some of the delights that the Rapide has to offer its new lucky owner. And we mean really lucky, with only 210 examples worldwide, 45 of them being left hand drive in the US this is a rare sight to see. Not to mention they were only made for a one year production run in 2019.

The owner brought us this unique example to protect and customize. The Rapide "Hero Car" used at the forefront of the marketing campaign used to showcase the car to the public has pinstripes and a main stripe on the hood and roof that we will be replicating on this Dark Silver car.

Prior to the stripe application we installed a Full Front Paint Protection Film package which includes the Front Bumper, Hood, Both Fenders, Mirrors, and Headlights. Additionally, we installed PPF all of the carbon fiber pieces on the rest of the car. The rest of the paint received a Ceramic Coating Silver Package including a two step paint correction, 2 layers of Ceramic Coating and a Top Coat to seal everything in. After curing we gave the car a full detail and it was ready for a photo and video shoot. The angles on this spectacular super sedan are a sight to behold. With the Green accents creating contrast with the body of the car, this protected and restyled Rapide is a one of one.

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