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Baby Bull Racing Fleet Gets The First Class Autosports Treatment

Over the course of 2 months part of the Baby Bull Racing fleet was treated to multiple services including Full Decontamination, Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Restyling, and Light Paint Correction. Today we will be focusing on the 992 GT3, McLaren 720S and the 458 Speciale that we enhanced, protected and restyled all at the same time.

Lets begin this service dissection with the 992 GT3 which entered our hands as a gloss white paint GT3 with yellow calipers and accents, a yellow roll cage, and a beautifully spec interior. We performed a full decontamination, light polish and got to work installing a full Stealth Paint Protection Film changing the finish of the car from gloss to satin. This drastic change was accompanies by gloss yellow stripes and accents along the car to make the yellow undertones pop. The result is spectacular.

The 992 GT3 comes with 502 horsepower, 197mph top speed and does 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds making it a track weapon. The behemoth amount of aerodynamic research that went into this chassis reveals itself the moment you take your first bend as the car shifts with you and flawlessly makes that sharp right on the apex. The exhaust note is legendary and a staple of Porsche music as the engine climbs to a max of 9000 RPMS.

Next up: McLaren 720S another machine to dream about. Originally a gloss yellow paint spec this McLaren received the same treatment as the GT3 and left with a satin look using Stealth Paint Protection Film. With so many curves and edges it's important to have the PPF Cutting Template which we have in-house. Our software has templates for almost all modern cars and allows to have custom carved ammunition to tackle any job like this 720S. It cuts into sheets of PPF giving us shapes for parts as big as the hood and as small as the door handle.

The McLaren 720S is described as "elemental force displayed with finesse" which is a pretty good way of describing this 710 horsepower beast. It truly is one of the most hardcore track cars you can buy today. The creature comforts of lesser models is lost in this track-oriented platform where chassis refinement is key.

Lastly, the Ferrari 458 Speciale is an awesome throwback to a simpler time, 2013. The 458 Speciale not only received the same prep and PPF as the other two but also got yellow vinyl accents along the diffuser. It's important to mention that all three of these cars came to us with PPF previously installed and part of our job was to remove the previously installed PPF from another shop. We always recommend to have professionals remove PPF to our clients since it is a delicate process. It's like a tango between heat, glue, stretch and tension.

It's clear that this fleet is all track-oriented and the Speciale is no exception. The Speciale is a track-ready version of the 458 Italia with stiffer suspension, more stopping power, lighter and more aerodynamic with revised bodywork. It makes 597hp and has a curb weight of only 1395kg (3,075lbs).

The Baby Bull Racing fleet received a stunning makeover going from gloss to satin. The most important part however is that these cars are now all protected and ready for the track. Paint protection film is the strongest lifeline you can give your paint when putting it through motorsports and track days. We removed paint protection film off of all 3 of these cars and cannot stress the importance of having professionals remove PPF. Lastly, we are excited for one more special delivery from the Baby Bull fleet that deserves its own blog so be on the look out for that blog.

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