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The Most Custom MC20 Cielo in Miami

Maserati is back on their game, the all new MC20 Cielo is the perfect convertible supercar.

The radical looking MC20 struts a 621HP Hybrid Twin Turbo V6 engine called the Nettuno proprietary to Maserati. It is a captivating design sitting on a carbon-fiber tub. With a 0-60 in just 3 seconds, it's a great car for the track as well as the road. The 2024 Cielo has all of the right bells and whistles such as 360-degree camera, autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and much more, all managed by a massive center screen.

Out of the three initial MC20 Cielo's that arrived in Miami this is the only one with a Chalk Gray exterior and the White Alcantara interior. Funny enough, all three were Chalk Gray but the other two had different interior colors. The owner of this MC20 wanted to protect his new baby but also restyle it to make it unique and bring out the body lines and accents more. In First Class fashion, we obliged by preparing a full vinyl wrap accent package, adding blue accents throughout the vehicle.

We protected the vehicle with XPEL Paint Protection Film, especially focusing on the carbon fiber side skirts because they pick up a lot of rocks and have no protection from factory. Now the owner can drive worry free! As for the accents we made sure to exaggerate the rear fender vent with black wrap to give the rear hips more presence as well as the indentations on the rear pillars behind the driver and passenger because when they are paint matched you can hardly tell those accents are there. We then added the blue wrap throughout the vents and emblems. The result is a spectacular example of creativity and over 13 years in this business.

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